Renting is the cheapest way to manage oil & gas equipment


In the current oil & gas industry downturn, companies are trying to save money by trimming inefficiencies while ramping up production at the same time. If your accounting department is nervous about setting up new exploration and drilling sites due to cost, consider how affordable it is to rent the entire package you need to set up a single well battery or other similar installations.  

We can guarantee that you can’t set up a single well battery cheaper

To set up a standard single well battery, you usually have to get multiple contractors and equipment vendors out to a remote job site. This involves extensive travel costs, overtime, and freight charges. You may have one company bringing out and setting up the separator, another bringing the tank, and so on.

If you rent the package you need from OSY Rentals, everything comes from one company and you only see one charge for the entire setup. If your company has set up single well batteries in the past, try consolidating your invoices from multiple sources to get your cost. Then call us for a quote – we can almost guarantee that we will be significantly cheaper.

Additionally, ongoing maintenance costs are included in our monthly rental cost – no cost spikes from having to send out a maintenance crew or to do emergency repairs on a remote single well battery. When you call us, we set up the whole thing, with no need for outside contractors.

Renting is cheaper for anything – not just single well batteries

We don’t just get you the equipment you need to set up a single well battery. OSY Rentals is the most cost-efficient way to handle setup of tanks, containment, or nearly any remote operation. Costs are predictable and you never run the risk of bleeding cash out on a project. Plus, your procurement process is streamlined; one call and we bring everything you need, including vapour-tight tank packages, flares and knockouts.

Renting versus owning equipment

There are many hidden costs to owning equipment – not just depreciation. You are responsible for maintaining it, repairing it, moving it from site to site and much more. If the music stops and you’re left with not enough sites and too much equipment, it has to be sold at a severe markdown or stored in a yard. If you rent, you remove all of these headaches with the option to buy your equipment should you decide to hang onto it.

Give OSY Rentals a call to find out more about our packages, our service, and a quote on what you need.

For more ways that renting equipment saves you money, see our blog on capex savings.

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