OSY Rentals Acquires Vapour Tight Tank Assets From Clean Harbors

OSY Rentals Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition of the production tank rental assets from Clean Harbors Canada. This purchase will greatly increase the inventory of OSY relating to Positive Pressure Single Well Batteries, Flare Stacks and Knockout Tanks. OSY now has in excess of 110 Single Well Positive Pressure Production Packages, 150 Flare Stacks and 150 Knockout Tanks.

Please feel free to learn more about the products we carry and how we may be able to be of service by giving us a call or visiting our website. We have a large outdoor space at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary June 11 through the 13th so please stop by if you are in Calgary.

This is our booth at the Calgary Oil Show this week. You can shoot to win!

All equipment is available for rent, purchase, or rental purchase. For any information please contact Greg Cairns at 780-806-8700 or Or contact Dallas Cairns at 306-834-4017.

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