OSY Makes Quality Control a Priority

OSY Quality Control

OSY has a consistent and rigorous Quality Control Checklist that is executed prior to any equipment leaving our yard and again upon the equipment’s return.  OSY understands that equipment that does not perform in accordance with specifications can be an expensive and time consuming issue for clients, especially in remote locations. OSY has learned to consistently implement the highest QC standards, both to insure regulatory compliance, but also to insure that our customers receive the intended benefit of dealing with us. Merely visually inspecting equipment and blowing the dirt off of it is not enough for us.  We would not want equipment delivered to us in this manner and we will not do so to our clients.

Having a solid QC program in place is not a  marketing strategy at OSY. It means that we are ready to haul equipment at any time because all pieces are immediately brought up to factory specifications upon return. Each component is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.  When OSY Rentals delivers your equipment, you can be assured that you are getting a clean, functional system that is ready to perform as promised when it reaches your location.

OSY Equipment Return Philosophy

When a Vapour Tight Tank Package or other equipment returns to our yard, we examine all of the instrumentation, including resetting and inspecting all  switches and valves to ensure proper functionality. We inspect the internal coatings, review  burner tube condition, and completely clean the tanks to ensure that the next customer receives a clean tank, absent of any potential contaminants. All detention and flame arrestor cells are reconditioned after every job, and if any issues are found, the equipment is repaired to get it back into working order.

We hire third-party experts for some QC tests and these third party reports are available upon request.

OSY Rentals doesn’t rely on guesswork in our QC process. We hire instrumentation technicians and ultrasonic testing inspectors. QC testing is often only as effective as the quality of people performing the tests.  A highly trained professional will be able to see problems that an employee simply using testing equipment could not.

This QC philosophy applies to the many features that exist in our packages, including tank and vessel integrity reviews, as well as a full inspection of all instrumentation components.  

For many this disciplined approach to QC can feel like an extra expense and it can be easy to get complacent in many cases.  At OSY, we are more than happy to pay for this extra work to insure that our clients are receiving equipment as promised, and to insure that we protect our own assets.  After all, it’s a problem for both OSY and our clients if equipment fails in the field, so taking every reasonable step to insure this does not occur only makes sense.

Our People Make the Difference

Although OSY regularly hires third party companies to perform QC tasks to add expertise and documentation to the process, it is our full time staff who have allowed our growth over the past several years.  We have had the same guys on the job since we started the business, and they are intimately familiar with all of our equipment and processes, allowing for much more effective problem solving. 

The OSY culture has always been about safety and quality.  We will consistently make decisions to do things correctly, as opposed to cutting corners.  We encourage our employees to make recommendations as to how we can improve our equipment or services. .

If you’re interested in finding out more about our equipment packages, contact us today for more information.

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