Gas venting regulations in force in Saskatchewan – is your tank compliant?

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Saskatchewan has new, strict guidelines on the venting of gas from oil & gas wells into the atmosphere. For the most part, the government’s preference is that there is no venting of gasses into the atmosphere, especially hydrogen sulfide and methane. A positive pressure production package, also known as a vapour tight tank, is a cost effective approach to ensure that your operations are in compliance.

Text of Updated Saskatchewan Gas Venting Regulations

Anyone who plans operations for a Saskatchewan oil & gas company should review the text of the new regulations to see how they apply to your company.

Enforcement is strict, and could have a significant economic impact on your operations. These regulations are enforced regularly on job sites, and can result in penalties ranging from fines to a complete site shutdown and having your production shut in. If you’re in the business, you may already know someone this has happened to.

Alberta has had tougher regulations than Saskatchewan for a long time which have always been very strictly enforced. Venting is not allowed in Alberta at all. If a flame can be sustained it must be burnt.

Companies in Alberta have found our vapour-tight tank packages solve their emission issues and reduce landowner complaints, resulting in less visits from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).You can find out more about flaring and venting regulations in Alberta on the Alberta Energy Regulator website.

Depending on the size of the site and the nature of your operation, you are only allowed to vent a certain amount of gas into the atmosphere before it must be flared or conserved in the tank. Once the limit is reached, it cannot be vented out of the top of the flare stack. There are even some situations in which venting is not allowed at all.

How vapour tight tanks can help you stay in compliance

All of our vapour tight tanks at OSY Rentals are designed to handle the conservation of gas under the new regulations. They are fully sealed, designed for 30 PSI, and able to handle up to 14.9 PSI before gas is flared, and not vented. This makes our tanks safe, odourless, and compliant with Saskatchewan and Alberta regulations – even in situations which require zero emissions.

The typical way to handle additional regulatory requirements is to add equipment and components to solve the problem on existing tanks. However, if these addons fail, you leave your company open to regulatory enforcement. With a new vapour tight tank, there are no more leaking theif hatches and no more troublesome vapour recovery units (VRUs). The tank simply operates to regulatory requirements.

If line freezes off, or you get a blast of gas in a regular tank – has to go somewhere – tanks won’t blow up – tanks designed to a 30 PSI design but operate up to 14.9 PSI. Typical tanks don’t run to that kind of pressure.

True to our name, OSY Rentals doesn’t just sell new vapour tight tank packages. We also rent them, which can save your business significant dollars during these times of lower resource prices. For a quote, give us a call or drop us an email.

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