Flare Stacks

Tornado flare stacks professionally mobilized anywhere in AB, SK, and Northeastern BC

OSY offers flare stacks from Tornado Combustion Technologies as part of our vapour tight or positive pressure production packages, or on their own if you need to replace or supplement equipment in the field.

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Professional fast setup anywhere in Alberta and Saskatchewan

We can be out at your job or well site within hours of your call, no matter where it is in Western Canada. We pride ourselves on speedy delivery of quality equipment, without missing vital components or quality checks in the rush. Flare stacks are cleaned and inspected immediately when they return from the field, ensuring that they are waiting in our inventory and ready to go for your job.

Tornado flare stack types and sizes

Tornado Combustion Products flare stacks meet all applicable construction, environmental, structural, and flare design regulations and guidelines.

We carry all Tornado flare stack products in stock, including all three pilot and ignition systems, which are:

  • Propane pilot or natural gas pilots
  • Electronic ignition in 12v, 24v or 120v (TEIS Tornado Electronic Ignition System)
  • Constant pilots with pilot monitoring and auto relight in 12v, 24v or 120v (TPMR Tornado Pilot Monitoring and Relight)

All Tornado flare stack igniters are mounted on a retractable tracking system which allows the operator to winch the flare stack up and down, ensuring simple operation and easy maintenance. OSY Rentals also offers the full range of Tornado detonation and flame arrestors.


Flare stack sizes

Although the standard sizes are listed below, we have other sizes and configurations in stock if what you’re looking for isn’t here. Just ask us!

  • 4” x 40’ guyed or self- supported
  • 4” x 40’ trailer mounted
  • 4” x 40’ with 24” x 5’ Integral Knockout
  • 4” x 40’ Dual flare stack with 2” low pressure riser
  • 6” x 40’ Self Supported

OSY Rentals: Your local oil & gas equipment experts

Our company’s strength lies in our team’s familiarity with oil & gas production and exploration sites in Western Canada, including sites around Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, Drayton Valley, and Kindersley to name a few. Not being an international conglomerate has its advantages, such as knowing local terrain and being familiar with local companies and wellsites. The details matter in this business, and can cost your company if they aren’t attended to properly. We do that every time for each equipment setup and demob, keeping your budget estimates intact.

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Buy new or used or rent your flare stacks

We sell Tornado flare stacks both new and used. We can also give you the option to rent or rent to own your flares. All of our used flare stacks are just partially used and are ready to go for your job.  

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