Flare Stacks

We maintain a large variety of stacks in our inventory, including a range of guyed flares, self-supporting flares and integral knockout flare stacks. As a Tornado Combustion Technologies distributor, we’re also able to offer our clients superior technical support with all of our flare equipment. To find out more details please contact us for availability.

Typical Stock

  • 4” x 40’ guyed or self- supported
  • 4” x 40’ on trailer
  • 4” x 40’ with 24” x 5’ Integral Knockout
  • 4” x 40’ Dual flare stack with 2” low pressure riser
  • 6” x 40’ Self Supported

We have numerous other configurations. Please see Inventory page for current stock.

Pilot and Ignition Systems

OSY Rentals carries all three types of Tornado Pilot and Ignition systems, which include:

  • Propane or natural gas pilots
  • Electronic ignitions in 12, 24 or 120v
  • Constant pilots with auto relight in 12v, 24v or 120v

Both the pilot and ignition systems are mounted on a tracking system. Having the ability to winch the unit up and down the flare stack makes for easy inspection and maintenance.

Detonation Arrestors and Flame Arrestors

Detonation arrestors are tested to CSA 2343—98 and are designed to withstand up to two hours of continuous burn. Cells can easily be cleaned and return to like- condition.

The flame arrestors are the industry standard for crimped ribbon flames arrestors and come in aluminum 304L and stainless steel 316L.

Cells can be cleaned to like new condition.

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