Hockey Draft

10th Annual OSY Rentals Hockey Draft (2021/22)

OSY 2021/22 Hockey Draft

Welcome to 10th Annual
OSY Rentals Regular Season Hockey Draft!


Rules & Details

One entry per person

Closes on October 12th

Free to enter

Enter the Draft By Completing this Form

Please send the completed form to


Win a Trip to any NHL Playoff Game!

The Grand prize this year is 2 tickets, flights and hotel for any NHL playoff game. We’ll also be giving away the usual weekly prizes of Jerseys, booze, and golf accessories. Check out some of last year’s prizes:

OSY 2020/21 Hockey Draft Prizes


Spread the Word

In our first few years, we had a couple of hundred people enter. More recently, entries have grown to a couple of thousand. If you enjoy it, please share with friends, family and even people you don’t like.

Enter the Draft By Completing this Form


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